Client: Major UK University
Services: Architecture, Building Surveying, Project Management

The University was passed ownership of a range of historic buildings sited at the periphery of their Campus, in a prominent location close to the Town Centre. The buildings had suffered neglect under their previous owners, and from insensitive and inappropriate alterations. The Buildings are Listed Grade II and Grade II*, and were constructed as large residences between the 1750s and 1840s. When transferred to University ownership they were in varying degrees of deterioration and habitability.


There were no University core functions for which the buildings were suited, and so aed were appointed to undertake a comprehensive series of investigations and surveys with the aim of establishing their condition, the likely costs of repairs and conversion works, and establishing a ‘best-fit’ remodelling proposal. Our Building Surveyors lead the investigation works, whilst our Architects undertook an Option Appraisal, mapping potential occupancies, and negotiating the required alterations works with the Conservation Officer and English Heritage; gaining Listed Building Consent and Planning Approvals. Our Project Managers established the programme and costs against each of the options for remodelling, and advised on the risks, constraints and impacts. Capital costs and costs-in-use were estimated based upon preliminary works specifications and building elements schedules.


The option appraisal advised the best fit to be a mixed use development of small lettable office units on the lower floors and self-contained apartments on the upper levels, with the oldest and smallest building being converted into medical consulting rooms serving the nearby Hospital. A second option was for conversion of the whole development into a private language school with teaching and boarding facilities.

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