Client: Major UK University
Services: Building Surveying, Project Management

This Historic Mansion required critical maintenance repairs to the roof and elevations. The maintenance activities included comprehensive re-roofing, stonework repairs to many of the turrets and carved gargoyles, pointing repairs and the thermal upgrade of the loft space.


A large colony of bats was found to be present in the loft requiring the roofing works to be carefully specified and managed to avoid disturbing the bats and retaining the loft as a bat roost. We created safe ‘bat access routes’ and provided sufficient insulation to comply with the building regulations but not to significantly alter the thermal conditions in the loft favoured by the bats.


To avoid disturbing the bats, we carried out the project during the winter months however this presented the challenge of removing the roof covering without causing leaks into the occupied building below, which we successfully achieved.


• Major repairs to an occupied building.
• Winter working including the removal of the roof coverings.
• Bat occupation within the loft space.

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