Client: Diocesan Trust and Parish
Services: Construction Technology

We undertook the Quinquennial inspection on this 20th C Church, its Presbytery, and the Church Hall.


The Church roof is of a striking design typical of 1970s construction, finished in a bonded aluminium long strip roof on a timber and steel structure.


Whilst the roof itself remained in sound condition, the large mono-pitch Lantern which cast light into the interior was failing. It had been constructed in twin wall glass fibre sheeting set within surrounding parapets. Rain water had penetrated this construction through the joints in the fibre glass sheets and around the perimeter, and the fibre glass itself was time expired, having become brittle and opaque.


Our technologists were tasked with developing an affordable solution to cap the Lantern without the need to scaffold inside the Church, and with minimal disruption to Church services. We developed a solution using long span aluminium sheeting which would both be easy to construct and visually blend with the remaining roof finish.

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