Client: Major Research Institute
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management

RSSL approached us to carry out two projects; the design of a new innovation kitchen within the food bioscience building, and the creation of additional storage within the chemistry building located on the University of Reading Whiteknights campus.


RSSL who were carrying out product development research on behalf of Cadburys Schweppes, had a need to expand their existing space. They were offered a site adjacent to their existing location to create an ‘Innovation Kitchen’ for essential food studies. Our brief was to design and refit an industrial and domestic kitchen within this space using stainless steel pre-fabricated units. Consultations were carried out with essential users to ensure we created a preferred use of space. In addition planning and building regulation approvals were sought for a new air conditioning unit to be located outside of the building.


The secondary project, to create additional storage for the RSSL and existing chemistry department, involved remodelling of the existing space within the chemistry building. This area was currently being used as a wood and metal workshop, and part of its works were to be relocated to other engineering facilities on campus. We then sub-divided the space into part workshop and part storage space utilising existing recycled racking, thus creating the new storage area.


• Coordination between other contractors working in the building, whilst sub-dividing the space
• Meeting both existing and proposed users’ needs.

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