Client: Major International Research Institute
Services: Architecture

aed were appointed to design a research laboratory to house a multi-million pound robotic machine. The robot undertakes micro-experiments for research purposes, which can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world.


Built as an extension to an existing building, the client was keen to ensure the new build reflected the technology within its walls. The 12x13 metre extension, allowed space for the three metre tall L-shaped robot and its computer technology. The services routes are exposed amongst the visible structural elements thus linking to the industrial theme. The box-like appearance is enhanced by a glazed corner wall feature to showcase the contents to passers by, a low-pitch roof and open steel frame structure is finished with aluminium square cassette cladding and straight façades. The new building represents a new hi-tech contrast to the existing structure.


• Designing around the existing tank bund on site
• Ensuring the drawings held exact detail before handing over to site manager as we were not involved on site.

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