Client: Major UK University
Services: Architecture

A second successful bid for funding was made to HEFCE, enabling the demolition of the out-dated buildings and their replacement with state-of-the-art facilities in a four storey building for the faculty of science, human sciences and technology.


This block provides over 3,500m² of teaching and research laboratory space, plus a further 500m² of administration space, in a low energy building which provides one of the first examples of a Termodeck serviced laboratory building in the world. Computer interfaces regulate the low energy ventilation system in harmony with the extract and supply air needs of over 100 fume cupboards serving a broad range of teaching areas and specialist laboratories.


The ground floor houses technology, sports science, electron-microscopy and petrology. At first floor level there are a series of analytical and research laboratories, together with radiology and post-graduate accommodation. The north wing of the second floor provides a large sub-dividable teaching laboratory for chemistry and pharmaceutical science which can accommodate up to 135 students.


The remainder provides chemistry laboratories for 40 researchers. The uppermost floor is predominantly human sciences, administration and psychology laboratories, and also provides 2 general seminar rooms.


Construction is of steel frame on piled foundations and reinforced concrete ground beams. Pre-cast hollow concrete floors accommodate the Termodeck low energy ventilation system. Masonry walls with 150mm insulation filled cavities and triple glazed windows brought U-values down to levels substantially better than current or proposed building regulations requirements. The plant is within a curved vaulted roof of copper coloured aluminium sheeting and continuous louvre walls.

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