Client: Private Client
Services: Architecture, Project Management, CDM-C

The cottage was intended to be entirely demolished as part of the main St Mary’s new house project. However, midway through the demolition works it was discovered that the front section of the existing cottage was a medieval structure of historic value. Therefore, the decision was made to retain this part of the cottage. We revised the design of the proposed works to the main house in order to accommodate the retention of the cottage.


We then put together a design and plans for the renovation of the cottage with the intention of retaining the character of the building. The project included; a new boundary fence and garden wall to form a self-contained garden area; replacement of the existing window casements; a complete electrical rewire with a new lighting scheme; new plumbing and heating throughout; a new fitted kitchen; a new bathroom; and complete internal redecoration with new flooring.


Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the new cottage is the glazed corner section to the rear of the property. This closed off the retained section of the cottage following the demolition, and it creates a very pleasant double height dining/garden room, overlooked from the stairs and the landing. As well as creating a delightful living environment, this addition to the built form displays a subtle and eclectic mix of new with old, ensuring the medieval character of the cottage is not jeopardised.

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